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Q: What is MathConcept?

Over the years, MathConcept has helped many students to understand and appreciate math. Our group of elite mathematicians and mathematics educators has spent years on scheming, developing, and refining this approach based on their math teaching experience. Let go of all the memorization and traditional repetitive methods, we build math knowledge through introducing and connecting different math concepts in a way that makes sense.

Q: Why should I enroll my child in MathConcept

The MathConcept believe that any child can be successful in math. We provide different math programs those are designed to increase your child’s confidence and overall school performance on math by building on their fundamental mathematical concepts while seeding an interest on the subject.

Q: Which age groups do you serve?

MathConcept offer different math programs to meet the needs of pre-school students up to secondary school students (age 3 to 18).

Q: What curriculum does your program follow?

The MathConcept curriculum is highly complimentary and supplementary to the mathematics curriculum prescribed by Hong Kong Education Bureau. Our method also surpasses most international math standards (IB, British system, SAT). Math programs provided by MathConcept:

  1. MathConcept Little First Steps (PN-K1)
  2. MathConcept First Steps (K2-K3)
  3. MathConcept Primary Mathematics (Chinese and English versions)
  4. MathConcept Junior Secondary Mathematics
  5. MathConcept International Examination Programs (IB, GCSE, SAT)
  6. MathConcept HKDSE Mathematics
  7. MathConcept Math Olympiad Program (Chinese)

Q: Is your program customized to my child's requirements, or does it follow a general syllabus?

Every student in MathConcept starts by taking a customized diagnostic test which accurately shows what they know and their learning needs, so they won’t be wasting time reviewing concepts they already knew.

Q: What about if my child needs extra help? What about if my child is gifted?

No matter if your child is far behind of the year or already excels in the subject, MathConcept will help them leap forward in math. Our experienced group of tutors will evaluate students with a written and verbal assessment. Based on their assessment results, we assemble a tailored learning plan just for them, designed to close any educational gaps that they may have and jump ahead when they are ready for advanced math challenges.

Q: What will my child do during class?

MathConcept provides a welcoming environment where your child will receive both instruction and practice. Instruction is provided directly from tutors, who are professionally trained in our Method. Kids practice on highly prescriptive worksheets under direct supervision from the tutors. Homework related to topics they practiced in class will also be given afterwards.

Q: How do I know if my child is actually making progress?

Tutor will report to parent regularly through phone calls or by writing comments about student’s performance during lesson in a student handbook. In addition, assessments continue throughout your child’s tuition to keep track of his/her progress.

Q: How often do students attend MathConcept?

Students attend once or twice a week regularly, one hour per lesson.

Q: Why not one-on-one tutoring

Our program is designed to provide one-on-one interaction with the instructor every 5-7 minutes, or about 10 times per hour. This equates to approximately 20% of the time spent in the session where the instructor is individually coaching the child. If one assesses the actual time spent by a home tutor in similar instruction (as opposed to waiting for the child to think about a concept or finish working on a problem), the ratio of personal time spent is similar. The difference is that the instructor is utilizing this "downtime" more efficiently by attending to other children in the meanwhile.

Q: Who are your instructors

All MathConcept tutors are professionally trained to implement the learning plan and guide each student to their way of mastering each concept. We ensure that our tutors are familiar with our approach and have the ability to deliver complex math concepts in a language that is relatable by kids. Most importantly, each of us cares about your child, we try our best to provide a happy learning environment that encourages kids to arouse an interest on math.

Q: How do I get started?

Our friendly staff is ever willing and available to assist you! You may walk into one of our centers with your child or simply give us a call to book for a free assessment.